Health Care Providers

How we can assist your practice

At 24 Wellness Rx Our goal is to serve as an extension of your practice. In addition to providing a high degree of communication and coordination with your office, our dedicated team of trained professionals will handle:

  • Insurance
  • Billing
  • Prior Authorization
  • Patient Medication Counseling
  • Side Effect Management
  • Patient Financial Assistance
  • Status Updates

In order to serve your patients most efficiently, 24 Wellness Rx Pharmacy accepts e-prescribing on all medications. (NCPDP # 59-31907; NPI 1144845827 ) As an alternative for hard copy prescriptions you can always fax your prescription to 24 Wellness Rx Pharmacy – Toll Fax: 430-200-5425

For all other prescriptions needs please fax your prescription form with a front and back copy of your patient’s benefit card to 24 Wellness Rx Pharmacy. Within 24-48 hours the pharmacy will verify your patient’s benefits and contact your patient and your office regarding their medication.

To request a customized referral form, please contact the pharmacy Toll Free at 833-682-3515.